Parenting Classes

Privately we will discuss your child, including early history, current functioning, accomplishments, and concerns. We will also interview your child to determine skill levels in various areas, and then work with you to identify pertinent training objectives for your child. This will help us place your child in the most suitable group. You will then attend an orientation meeting, either as a group or on an individual basis, to learn some common elements such as:

  • What the deficits are and how they impact your child’s life
  • How we teach skills
  • How to reinforce, at home, what we’re doing in group
  • How to encourage and motivate your child
  • How to reinforce your child’s effort to gain new skills
During this meeting we provide information about our philosophy, how we work with individuals, our expectations for your involvement in the process, and our office procedures.

Following each group session, you will be briefed on the day’s lesson, your child’s homework, and given tips for reinforcing the new skill at home. Your attendance at these mini-sessions is critical, for it is here you will learn what you need to do to help your child meet his/her goals. This also ensures that your knowledge of your child’s needs evolves as your child’s behavior improves so you can be an effective coach for your child.

To sign up for a parenting class, please contact our office here.