School-wide Positive Behavior

Foundations: Establishing Positive Discipline Policies
(Time: Twelve 2-day in-services a year for the campus team of 5-8 members (depending on the size of the campus) which must include one building administrator)

Provide training for a campus team in the process of using an on-going “improvement cycle” to lead the full campus staff in (1) using campus data to identify areas of strength and concern regarding the campus’s safety, civility, and productivity; (2) prioritizing areas of concern; (3) submitting proposals for improvement to the full staff for adoption; and (4) implementing adopted procedures. This training program was written by Randy Sprick, et al. Ms. Kling has attended Dr. Sprick’s “Train the Trainer” workshop for this program.

Target Audience: Campuses interested in improving the safety, civility, and productivity of their staff and students

Materials: Campus will find it helpful to purchase the Foundations multi-media module